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Cardinal Piat Appeals To Young People Who Fall Into The Drug Spiral

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Cardinal Piat’s vibrant appeal to young people against the evils of drugs in a video shared on YouTube on Thursday, October 13. The Cardinal wished to appeal to young people so that they do not allow themselves to be drawn into the hell of drugs.

The bishop of Port-Louis appeals to young people who fall into the drug trap: first to be like others, to be part of a group; then the “nissa” that the toxic substance provides and finally, the certainty of being able to keep control and not become a prisoner of the drug.

Cardinal Piat says he is aware that many young people have found themselves in this situation without really wanting to and that the path leading to this chaos is almost the same for many. He points out that often the first time is only to be like the others, to be part of a group and not to be left out, because it comes with the certainty of being able to keep control and not become addicted.

In this message, he clarifies that the first time, certainly, the drug can provide a “nissa” and that at the beginning, it is only about putting “zis enn ti ledoit”. But in the end, many find themselves totally trapped to the bone, with their whole body soaked in a quagmire that is difficult to get out of and that only causes pain, suffering and distress to their loved ones.

Here is the video in its entirety

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