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Budget 2021: 50 Million For Preservation Of National Heritages, Museums

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Renganaden Padayachy, Finance Minister has announced a series of projects for the preservation of our national heritages and museums. Rs 50 million will be injected in the phase II of the Intercontinental Slavery Museum project. There will be the introduction of four special lottery draws to fund the restoration of designated historic sites and museum.

Professionalisation of our local Artists is one of the wills of the government. The Status of Artists Bill is being finalised. The EDB will take the responsibility for their individual and sectoral promotion internationally. In terms of animation, a series of events will be organized during the year to promote arts and culture across the island, namely ‘La nuit du conte et du slam’, ‘karavan zistwar’ and an ‘Artist of the Year Award’.

Lindsay Veerapen

Lindsay Veerapen: “Once again, no show for Artists!”

According to Lindsay Veerapen, sega singer and director of LV Entertainment, “Local artists still do not see any progression in their actual situation.” Furthermore, he wonders “how can this budget help local Artists to survive, especially during this period? Most of the artists’ work on a freelance basis and since last year, they have little to no revenue. Once again, no show for Artists! We salute the fact that the Government is coming up with a ‘Status of Artists Bill’ and some other events. Will they, however, account for the participation of all artists or will it be only for a happy few? Only time will tell. Maybe the Ministry of Arts and Culture should work on a better support plan for the local Artists whilst the Ministry of Tourism should organise more events to create opportunities for all artists”.

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