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Brisée Verdière Resident Arrested For Rebellion

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Jean Frederick Allan Lagarde, 39 years old and resident of Pascal Road, Brisée-Verdière gave a hard time to police officers of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Brisée-Verdière on the morning of Wednesday March 22. These officers went to his home in relation to a robbery case and two arrest warrants issued in his name. After the suspect escaped through a window, a chase ensued. He even threatened the police with an iron bar. A police officer had to use tear gas to try to subdue him. The suspect resisted and managed to escape. This was after injuring two police officers. Shortly afterwards, a bus on which he was riding was intercepted in D’Epinay> Allan Lagarde was arrested.

It was at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, March 22 that the CID team arrived at Allan Lagarde’s home. Two arrest warrants were drawn up in his name and he was also wanted for a theft case. At some point, while the police were conversing with him, he had to suddenly flee through a window. A policeman who tried to stop him had to fall on a metal tube after a plywood broke. This policeman injured himself in the pelvis area.

Allan Lagarde went over the roof of another house and ended up on the ground. Three police officers standing guard at the location attempted to arrest him. The suspect armed himself with an iron bar and began to threaten them. One of the officers had no choice but to pull out a can of tear gas and spray it in his direction. However, this did not stop the suspect, he struggled with them before fleeing into a bush. A chase ensued, but Allan Lagarde managed to escape. One police officer with injuries to his right hand and finger was bleeding.

The two policemen who were injured during this operation went to the Dr. Bruno Cheong Hospital in Flacq for treatment. One of them left this institution against medical advice, while the second policeman had five days of sick leave.

In the meantime, following information obtained that the suspect had taken a seat on board an individual bus heading to Port-Louis, an operation was set up. This vehicle was intercepted in D’Epinay and the suspect was arrested. Allan Lagarde was brought before the court of Flacq this Thursday morning, March 23, on a provisional charge of rebellion. He was then taken back to the police cell.

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