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Boolell: “Why Vinash Gopee Is Benefitting From Tailor-Made Projects?”

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Arvin Boolell and other members of the opposition held a press conference yesterday afternoon. The subject was the refusal of his Private Notice Question targeting Vinash Gopee, blue-eyed boy of government and director of various companies which have benefited from contracts and projects from Government.

Dr Arvin Boolell said that his PNQ was of utmost importance. He said that government can prevent him from asking a PNQ but cannot prevent the population from asking some questions. “How is he benefitting from so many things from government?” he asked.

According to information Arvin Boolell claims to have in his possession, pressure was exerted on public institutions to rent floors of a building belonging to Vinash Gopee. He also referred to contracts tailored to the businessman’s needs.

For Arvin Boolell, this is the scandal of the century. He maintains that, given the current situation, Gopee should resign from the position he currently holds in an authority.

Patrick Assirvaden recalled that PSH Investment, the society of Vinash Gopee, had a lease contract of 10 years with the Economic Development Board even before his building, 7 Exchange Square, was built. He also said that the Financial Services Commission paid a monthly rental of more than Rs 4.5 million to PSH Investment since January without occupying the office space.

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