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Boolell Slams Juggoo Over Her Praises On Jugnauth

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Arvin Boolell faced the press this morning. He commented on the resignation of Kalyanee Juggoo as Secretary General of the Labour Party. Arvin Boolell said that she should have been proud of having held that position for 13 years and added that he does not understand her decision. Arvin Boolell also commented on Kalyanee Juggoo’s remarks at a press conference yesterday about the Prime Minister. “Maybe she is on the radar of the Prime Minister,” he reacted ironically.

The Labour Party belongs to the people and will not be shaken by the machinations of the MSM while the transition is underway. This is Arvin Boolell’s reaction to the resignation of Kayleeanee Juggoo.  The red member of Parliament added that the recent departures are a response to the “asté vandé” policy adopted by the government.

He recalled that the MMM had been the victim of the same operation in the recent past.

Arvin Boolell also alleged that there is a “land festival” in Rodrigues. This is a term coined when people close to the regime in power are being granted land on bail. “The fever of fraud and corruption of Pravind Jugnauth’s regime has won Rodrigues,” he alleged. According to Arvin Boolell, the “land festival” is being done in connivance with the party in power in Mauritius. He said that the regional government took 50 plots of agricultural land in Baie du Nord to give to its cronies.

Arvin Boolell also addressed the issues of drugs and policing in Mauritius. He stressed that the Prime Minister is not committed to fighting the scourge of drugs in Mauritius. But yet, he says, he has put people on his radar. So as far as the fight against drugs is concerned, Arvin Boolell stressed that Pravind Jugnauth is the person who burns a forest to get a hare.

Arvin Boolell also said that some policemen “are using the warrant as a bus ticket”. For him, a Police Commissioner must be completely independent and work for the good of the public. Arvin Boolell stresses that if the PTr comes to power, they will come forth with the Criminal Evidence Act.

Commenting on the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Arvin Boolell said that the Queen embodied the solidarity of the Commonwealth countries.

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