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Boolell Sees « A Malaise In The GM… Between The ML And MSM »

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In a press conference on Monday, Arvin Boolell has commented on the live stream made by the Deputy Speaker, Zahid Nazurally during the torrential rain warning on Friday. In his comments, the elected member of the Muvman Liberater. Zahid Nazurally had criticized the handful of civil servants who do not want to work and because of whom, the government is being criticized. For Arvin Boolell, this shows that “the ML is at war with the MSM”. He also said that Zahid Nazurally had used civil servants to express his anger against the government. For him, it is clear that the management of the country during the recent rains is very bad. According to Arvin Boolell, “there is a real malaise in the government.”

Stephanie Anquetil intervened, during a press conference, morning recalls that 15 days now that the infant of the shelter of the Bird of Paradise in Cap Malheureux has received his discharge from the hospital of the North.

However, according to Stephanie Anquetil, the baby is still in the hospital and the shelter does not want to take charge of the child. Instead, a caregiver has been arranged to assist the child at the hospital. The Labour Party MP then added that the mother and grandmother of the infant have not been informed of this situation.

We are still waiting for a version from the communication officer of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare on this case.

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