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Boolell Calls For Resignation Of Gobin And Dhaliah

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The parliamentary group of the Labour Party held a press conference this morning. The Stag Party case was one of the topics discussed. Why hasn’t the Minister for Agro-Industry resigned yet? The question was asked by Arvin Boolell. For him, if the investigation was conducted properly, PPS Rajanah Dhaliah and Minister Maneesh Gobin would have to resign, leading to by-elections or early general elections. According to MP Arvin Boolell, former Attorney General Ravi Yerrigadoo left his post for much less. He then returned to the whistleblower’s denunciations and questioned the fact that ICAC had not yet reacted.

Arvin Boolell also revealed that many deer have died of starvation at the Eco Deer Park in Grand-Bassin. He produced photos to back up his claims.

Dr Arvin Boolell condemned acts of cruelty against deer on land near Grand-Bassin, where he says Minister Maneesh Gobin and PPS Rajanah Dhaliah took part in the famous Stag Party on 12 September 2020.

According to him, these poor animals that perished would not have received any food.

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