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Blue-Bay Beach And Lagoon Clean-Up

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This is a great initiative taken by the divers and instructors of Blue Bay Diving Center. Through their association Eco Blue Divers Mauritius, they organised a big clean-up of the beach and the lagoon of the famous marine park of the South-East region on Sunday 14 August, with the participation of many volunteers and sponsors, including the MOL Charitable Trust. As well as cleaning up the coastline, a team of divers, snorkelers and snorkelers were on hand to collect underwater litter.

As Rex Colimalay of the Blue Bay Diving Center explains, “As divers, we see the state of the seabed every day, and the amount of waste underwater is really worrying. Most people don’t realise this, as the rubbish is not under our noses. A lot of the rubbish we throw away on land unfortunately ends up in the sea at some point.

Blue-Bay Beach And Lagoon Clean-Up

Around one hundred volunteers took part in the clean-up, which resulted in the collection of no less than 190.5 kilos of waste such as plastic bottles, numerous beer cans, clothes and other items, both on land and underwater. The Honourable Stéphane Toussaint, Minister of Youth and Sports, and representatives of the various partner organisations were also present.

Blue-Bay Beach And Lagoon Clean-Up

According to our interlocutor, this initiative has grown much more than he had expected. In addition to the MOL Charitable Trust, sponsors include JICA, the Anantara IKO Resort, Preskil Island Resort, Ascencia, the Beach Authority, the Apnosphere Freediving School, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, among others. “I also have a lot of friends who are divers, kitesurfers and sea lovers who participated. Despite the pollution problem, it is quite encouraging to see that many Mauritians are concerned about the state of our environment,” says Rex Colimalay.

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