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Big Brother Titans: Yemi, Khosi & Miracle’s Love Triangle Leads To Verbal Fights

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Big Brother Titans’ (BBTitans) housemates are getting angrier as two of them had a verbal clash over another housemate. 

Yemi confronts Miracle over Khosi

Yemi Cregx got angry at Miracle, in a video, over the latter’s ‘girlfriend’ Khosi Twala. A love triangle is going on in the Big Brother Titans house between Yemi, Miracle OP and Khosi. 

Yemi faced Miracle and told him to not come in between him and Khosi while they indulge in conversations. Yemi got furious as Khosi is his love interest.

Confronting Miracle, Yemi said, “I feel so disrespected, I was talking to her, You came and pull her out.” He warned Miracle to never again interfere between him and Khosi or do anything like that. In their conversations, while Yemi was going red hot, Miracle kept his cool. 

Love triangle between Khosi, Yemi and Blue Aiva

Yemi went a step ahead and even privately enquired to Khosi about her relationship with Miracle. Yemi told Khosi, “You should have told him, You’ll meet him when we are done talking, instead you stood up. Here you are accusing me of the same situation.”

Before this, Khosi had asked Yemi to talk about him and Blue Aiva, as Yemi and Blue shared a tight hug together at a pool party, this made another love triangle between Khosi, Yemi and Blue. 

In another scene, Miracle was seen talking to his fellow housemates about this and saying, “Khosi gave me greenlight. I wonder why she had to go through all this, she could be happy. This is a toxic relationship.I can’t match this energy, my mama didn’t raise me that way Bro.”

Khosi calls Yemi a ‘flirt’

Since Yemi and Khosi are together, or at least showing that they are, apart from Yemi kissing Khosi, the latter have remained in doubt about Yemi whom she calls a “flirt”. She also questioned Yemi on playing with women’s emotions. 

Her doubts surfaced as Yemi had  earlier kissed Blue Aiva after she requested it. He also told her that he wanted to vibe with her. 

When Khosi confronted Yemi about this, she said, “It is easier to flirt. I’m also a flirt! I don’t want you to get shocked when you go out there and you hear stuff. How could you do that when you are with someone?”

To this Yemi replied, “My level of flirting is different.”

In another conversation between them a week ago, Yemi told Khosi to just stay friends with him and not think about any romance. In reply Khosi said, I don’t know how to be your friend…we are just going to be housemates. I am not against you being friends with others; you made it feel like I have a problem.”

This conversation was rather shocking as both of them were tagged as the first lovebirds from the start. Yemi and Khosi’s love has stayed at the top of Twitter’s trend. 

Other than these love birds, Mmeli and Ipeleng, Thabang and Nelisa, Yvonne and Juicy Jay, and Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii are also seen attracting the cupid. 

However, talking about Miracle’s love for Khosi, Miracle expressed his desire to go on a date with Khosi in a diary session with Big Brother, but he also expressed a desire to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes.

The housemate admitted that the choice is a difficult one because he doesn’t want anyone to snatch a lady from him, but with the escalating conflict between Yemi and Khosi, he could be forced to intervene.

You don’t want to stomp on toes, yet you’d like to be in a love triangle, Biggie questioned. Miracle clarified that the situation is distinct.

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