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Bérenger: GM Is Afraid

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In a press conference held on Saturday 16th April 2022, Paul Bérenger emphasized on the postponement of the Municipal elections. He stated that the government is “afraid” to say that the municipal elections cannot be organized because of the health situation. Paul Bérenger added that Pravind Jugnauth is contradicting his Minister of Health, who says every day that “everything is fine”. For him, the government is taking advantage of and abusing the 50-person limit on gatherings. “It is a big handicap for us,” he said, before rejoicing at the “success” of the launch of the municipal campaign of L’Espoir last week. He added that the Platform will continue its campaign and announced that on Friday 6th May, L’Espoir will be in Port-Louis. He also mentioned that the Platform will be campaigning in the rural areas. This will start with a meeting in Constituency 8.

No question of national unity GM

There will be no rapprochement between the Alliance de l’Espoir and the MSM. As a result, a government of national unity is not on the cards. The reason, according to Paul Bérenger, is that the MSM is causing harm to the country” with its catastrophic management of the country, its politics marked by corruption and protection of cronies. “In addition, we are seeing many attacks on the democracy, particularly at the level of the Electoral Commission, not to mention that the MSM wants to make the police become what the ICAC is now,” he said.

Bodha talks about Obeeram’s links with Lee Shim

At the press conference, Nando Bodha spoke about the application of the People’s Turf Club Company for a horse racing licence. He said that contrary to what the director, Koolwant Obeeram has stated, he is indeed related to Jean Michel Lee Shim. He recalled that both are directors of another company that was investigated by the UK Serious Fraud Office. Bodha also revealed that Koolwant Obeeram was appointed by the government to the Mauritius Housing Company. According to him, there is an attempt to take over the horse racing sector.

Enough is enough!” For Paul Bérenger, the police cannot continue to arrest people for frivolous reasons. He insisted that the right to freedom is sacred. It is unacceptable that people are being arrested in Plaine Magnien because of “pseudo-depositions” by Ministers Hurreeram and Toussaint. “What is revolting is that the individuals arrested were handcuffed. These abuses must stop,” he said.

The MMM leader also referred to the fact that one person was arrested because of statements “from the Manhattan PPS and the mayor” as well as in Camp Diable. “All this is revolting. We appeal to the Commissioner of Police,” he said.

On the same issue, Nando Bodha said the aim is to “stop people from speaking out“.

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