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Bérenger Denounces A Weekly Rape Of Parliamentary Democracy

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The MMM was in front of the press yesterday morning. Its leader commented on the expulsion and suspension of Arvin Boolell in Parliament last night. He once again severely criticized the Speaker and added that it is clear that all this is being encouraged by Pravind Jugnauth. Thus, Paul Bérenger denounced a weekly violation of parliamentary democracy. It should be recalled that the Labour MP was suspended for 4 sessions. This, according to Paul Bérenger, was in the absence of the Prime Minister and his deputy. “Arvin Boolell is very upset, and there is reason to be,” said the MMM leader.

The MMM will participate in the protest for a drop in fuel prices

In a press conference on Saturday morning, the MMM leader spoke about the hunger strike of Nishal Joyram. He said that he is disgusted by the government’s way of doing things and added that fuel prices should not be mixed with wage compensation. “The government needs onto to remove the excessive taxes to bring down fuel prices,” he said. He renewed his solidarity with the hunger striker and added that the MMM central committee meeting could not be postponed. But as soon as it ends, the various representatives will participate in the March.

Bérenger no longer believes that GM will hold the municipal elections

In a press conference this morning, Paul Bérenger said that given the evolution of the situation on the political scene, he no longer believes that the government will hold the municipal elections before the next legislative elections. The MMM leader added that the government “can and will postpone again” the municipal elections. Nevertheless, he said that if all parties of the opposition come together, the MSM will be swept aside in the next legislative elections.

Many opposition figures present in the protest march

MPs, trade unionists and various members of civil society were present at the march demanding a reduction in fuel prices. It started at the Cathedral Square where Nishal Joyram is on hunger strike. Shakeel Mohamed, Fabrice David and Arvin Boolell are representing the Labour Party and Patrice Armance and Richard Duval are there for the PMSD. Rama Valayden, Dev Sunnasy and other members of Linion Pep Morisien are also participating. Nishal Joyram, on a wheelchair, is also there.

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