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Baie Du Tombeau : A Shopkeeper A Victim Of People Who Wanted To Settle Of Scores

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A 40-year-old shopkeeper was savagely assaulted on Wednesday afternoon, May 11th by two individuals at Riche-Terre Road, Baie du Tombeau. The two thugs then robbed him of his wallet containing Rs 10 200, his gold chain and his cell phone. Before leaving, his two men took a bird cage with three green parrots, which was in his vehicle. The value of the stolen goods is Rs 52 000. The investigation of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Metropolitan Police of the Northern Division has established that this shopkeeper was a victim of a settlement of accounts. He was in this area to capture the green boat. This man had been in trouble with the police in September last year in the Capital when his two rottweilers had attacked an auditor.

This incident took place around 2:30 pm. This shopkeeper had parked his 4 x 4 on the left side of the road of Riche-Terre near a restaurant. A grey car, coming from the opposite direction from Jumbo de Riche-Terre, had to stop on the other side of this road. Two individuals, one of whom he knew to be an inhabitant of the village of le Mount, got out of it. These two men, wearing masks, were armed with swords. They approached him and began to beat him all over his body.

One of these two men had to forcefully take his wallet containing Rs 10,200, his gold chain and his cell phone. Before leaving, they came back to his 4 x 4 to take a bird cage with three green parrots. They then headed to Cité Florida, Baie du Tombeau.

These two men are actively sought by the men of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police of the North Division for robbery with violence. These investigators also want to discover the motive of this aggression. This one was established around 11:00 am this Thursday, May 12, as a settlement of accounts after the arrest of Marc Jérôme Tranquille, aged 46. This inhabitant of Mount applied to have had an altercation with this shopkeeper, who was catching the green chateau in this part of Baie du Tombeau. He said that he made it clear to this man that he was on his stalking territory. The shopkeeper would not listen to reason.

He then went to Cité Florida, Baie du Tombeau to hire two unknown men in exchange for a payment to give this man a beat the man. Jérôme Tranquille will be brought before the court of Pamplemousses this Friday, May 13.

The cause of death was attributed to an intracranial hemorrhage.

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