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Ayan Rangbahadoor: First Step In Cinema At 7 Years Old

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At the age of 7, Ayan Rangbahadoor is getting ready to play his very first movie role. Starting August 1, he will play the childhood of the late Jockey Nooresh Juglall in the movie NJ The Legend. Meeting.

His face did not leave insensitive the director Sada Rajiah. So when the latter offered Ayan his first role, the little guy immediately replied: “I said yes, because I wanted to be in a movie for a long time” says Ayan.

Ayan Rangbahadoor
Father and son share the same passion for cinema.

And for good reason, the boy is a regular in the world of cinema, as his father Akish explains: “I am an actor myself and since Ayan’s mother passed away when he was 5 years old, I take him with me everywhere I go, even on my shoots. It was after discovering the behind-the-scenes, and especially after making small appearances in the film 1968, that he too wanted to go into the movie business.”

Having just received his script for NJ The Legend, Ayan says he’s ready to take on the challenge: “Before long, my dad will help me learn the script. I can’t wait to start shooting,” says Ayan, who already sees himself starring in a big American production when he grows up.

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