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Australian Fisherman Catches A Strange Deep-Sea Shark With Bulging Eyes And Protruding Teeth

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The oceans of our planet are home to mysteries that are largely unexplored, mind boggling and leave us in awe. There are many unknown creatures living in the depths of the oceans.

An Australian fisherman was moved by his recent catch of an obscure deep-sea shark with ballooning eyes and protruding sharp teeth. This creature has caught the eyes of many with its bumpy skin, triangular nose, and jut-out teeth.

After seeing the strange creature, people perceived it to be like a “cookie-cutter” shark, “a short, cigar-shaped shark featuring a pair of lips and a pointed nose.

According to Dean Grubbs, the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory’s associate director of research, this deep-sea shark looks similar to the rough skin dogfish, aka Centroscymnus owstoni.

The rough skin dogfish is characterized as having a short mouth and thick lips on the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. This aquatic animal grows 120 centimeters (4 feet) in length and is found about 4,920 feet (1,500 meters) in the deep waters.

The rough skin dogfish, a sleeper shark associated with the Somniosidae family, is native to the tropical and sub-tropical parts of the ocean, around 100 to 1,500 meters deep in the continental waters.

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