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Album: Philippe Thomas New Album “Are You Talking To Me”

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Are you talking to me is the title of trumpet player Philippe Thomas’ first solo album. Composed of 6 tracks, the opus will be launched on February 18 at the Caudan Art Center at 7pm.

It has been 40 years since Philippe Thomas has been a trumpet player. After an album with his brothers in 2003, the artist will release his first solo album. The opus is inspired by his time in New York: “The album is strongly inspired by American jazz. The reason is quite simple, because I perfected and lived in the United States, especially in New York for years. The public will find on this album of 6 titles a jazz of the most roots,” explains Philippe.

For the launch of the album, the trumpet player will share the stage with his students from the Mo’Zar Workshop. Then I will take over. Tickets are on sale at Rs 500 and Rs 700.

Note that the artist is also working on other albums including one that will be born of the mix between the sega and jazz.

As a reminder, the album Are you talking to me will be on sale the day of the concert.

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