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Akil Bissessur Can Use Social Networks Again

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He can also represent his client, Dominique Seedeal. On May 4, Akil Bissessur was arrested on a provisional charge of “Breach of ICTA”. One of the conditions of his release on bail was that he could not use social networks. This morning, the Rose-Hill court accepted the motion of Akil Bissessur’s lawyers. This means that Bissessur can once again express himself on Facebook.

Akil Bissessur can also continue to represent Dominique Seedeal, known as Darren the Activist.  The fact that his arrest was linked to that of his client, the possibility of conflict of interest arose. It’s now clear.

On the provisional charge of “Breach of ICTA” laid against him, the court requested an interim report from the police. Only then a decision will be taken concerning the provisional charge. Mr. Akil Bissessur added that in 18 months, he has been arrested three times and the two provisional charges against him have been dropped. Moreover, he intends to file a civil suit against the police, the police commissioner and the state.

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