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Achraf Hakimi’s Wife Filed For Divorce, And Wanted Half Of The Property And Fortune Of The Footballer

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The news fell like a bomb in the world of soccer: the wife of Achraf Hakimi, a Moroccan player playing in Ligue 1 at PSG, has filed for divorce. So far, nothing extraordinary, except that the young woman claimed more than half of the property and fortune of the footballer … But a little surprise was waiting for her.

Apparently, Hiba wanted more than half of the Moroccan footballer’s property and fortune.

But unfortunately for her, when they arrived in court, they realized that Achraf Hakimi had nothing.

Achraf Hakimi had put his entire fortune under his mother’s name a long time ago.

According to sources, Hiba was informed by the court that her ‘millionaire’ husband owns nothing as all his property is registered under his mother’s name.

Hakimi receives €1 Million from PSG monthly but 80% of this is deposited in his mother Mrs Fatima’s account.

He has no property, cars, houses, Jewelry or even clothes in his name. Anytime, he wants anything, he asks his mother who buys it for him.

How to explain such a situation? According to our sources, the player would have simply put all his wealth under the name of his mother several years ago. And yet, this decision that may seem surprising is not so surprising, when we know the close relationship that Hakimi has with his mother. Indeed, many photos circulate on social networks where we can see the player, very close to his mother, sharing moments of complicity with her.

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