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A Film In Tribute To Nooresh Juglall

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Victim of a fatal fall on May 15 at the Champs de Mars, Nooresh Juglall will be the subject of a film entitled ‘NJ The Legend’.  Directed by Sada Rajiah and Désiré Prevost, this 90-minute production, whose trailer was presented this afternoon at the MFDC, will retrace the childhood and the many sacrifices of the late jockey.

The tragic death of the 30-year-old jockey had moved the entire Mauritian nation. Equally moved, director Sada Rajiah approached the family to pay tribute to Nooresh through a film: “The family welcomed the project. The family welcomed the project and directed me to the people who told me about the jockey’s life. In total, Désiré and I interviewed 50 people.

Poster - NJ The Legend
The film will be released in international cinemas.

The film, which will begin shooting in August, will highlight the brilliant career of the late jockey: “We will tell the story of his childhood, from his birth in Sainte-Croix to his extraordinary career at the world’s greatest racecourses. But the main thread will be his countless sacrifices that allowed him to become the legend he is today. And this is something that few people know.

After casting, three actors were chosen to play the lead roles. Shane Rangbahadoor will play Nooreesh’s childhood while Prashant Maudhoo and Deepshika Gungaram will play the Juglall couple on screen.

Prashant is 22 years old and lives in Lallmatie. An apprentice jockey, he is immensely proud to play the role of Nouresh: “His journey has inspired me to take up the profession. I am honored to pay tribute to him.

Sada Rajiah
Director Sada Rajiah plans to repeat the feat of the documentary film Three Wise Men with NJ the Legend.

Like Prashant, Deepshika will also be making her film debut. This Surinamese is close to the jockey’s widow: “I have known Nooresh’s wife for a long time. That’s one of the reasons why I was approached for this role.”

Once completed before the end of the year, the film will be shown in cinemas abroad as well as in Mauritius: “The film will be shown in all the countries where Nooresh has worked, including Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong, Dubai and of course Mauritius. It is not surprising that the film will be as successful as Three Wise Men, which won 24 international awards earlier this year,” says Sada Rajiah.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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