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70-Year-Old Woman Dies In Road Accident In Beaux-Songes

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Dayaneebye Ganoo, also known as Kamla, aged 75, met a tragic end in a road accident that occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 30 on the Royal Road in Beaux-Songes. The victim, who lived on Grannum Road, Vacoas, was killed when the car in which she was traveling on the back seats was involved in an accident with a truck. This woman is the 98th victim of road accidents since the beginning of this year, compared to the same period in 2021 when the number of deaths was 96.

It was around 3:30 pm on Thursday, November 30 that this accident occurred on the Royal Road of Beaux-Songes near the orchard of letchis between a truck of Gamma Materials and a car of the brand Nissan March. The 67 year old driver of the car and a passenger in the front passenger seat were injured. They were taken to the Victoria Hospital, Candos in a police vehicle and in an ambulance of the Emergency Medical Service (Samu) respectively. The 60-year-old was admitted to the ward after receiving treatment.

The doctor on board the ambulance could only note the death of Dayaneebye Ganoo, the only passenger, who was in the back seat. Her body was taken to the morgue of the Victoria Hospital, Candos for an autopsy. The autopsy, conducted by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the police forensic department, attributed the victim’s death to multiple injuries.

The driver of the truck, 28 years old and resident of Bamboo, and the driver of the Nissan March tested negative for alcohol and drugs. The driver of the truck was placed in a cell at the Bambous police station on the orders of the Superintendent of Police, Vishnu Ramsamy. On Thursday morning, December 01, he was brought before the court of Bambous where he is facing a provisional charge of manslaughter.

An investigation was initiated at the police station of Bambous to determine the exact circumstances of this accident.

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