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547 Days Prison For Stealing 4.5 Kilos Of Octopus

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He thought he had acted with impunity when he walked through a checkout at the Titan supermarket on St. Croix without paying for his purchases. Jean Georgy Jacques, a 56 year old notorious recidivist, was far from suspecting that he was spotted by a security guard on duty. Intercepted, he had no choice but to remove four bags of octopus of 4.5 kilos hidden under his jacket. Brought before the court the same day, this resident of La Butte, Port-Louis who pleaded guilty was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, or 547 days.

This case occurred around 8:00 am on Tuesday morning, January 24. A 56-year-old security guard who lives in the area and works at this supermarket spotted Georgy Jacques coming from the back of the supermarket, in the refrigerated section, without any items. The suspicious looking man walked through the checkout. He was stopped by the security guard who suspected him of having hidden something under his black jacket. Indeed he had to voluntarily withdraw four bags of “ourites” worth Rs 1817 which he did not pay.

The police station of Abercrombie, St. Croix was alerted and the suspect was arrested. After the security guard gave his statement and Georgy Jacques confessed to the charges against him, he was brought before the Port-Louis court the same day, Tuesday, January 24. After having found him guilty, the magistrate sentenced him to eighteen months in prison. The convict was sent to the central prison of Beau-Bassin to serve his sentence.

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